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 Increase your customer base by improving your retention rate.

Programs that get customers, keep them and grow their value to you.

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Customer Retention

Keep your best customers while growing lifetime value for the rest.

A 5% increase in retention rate is a 25% boost in profit.

Customer Reactivation

Your lapsed customers are gone but not lost.

Let’s get 1 in 4 back in your shop.


Customer Acquisition

You don’t need everyone!

You need prospects that “look-alike” to your current customers.


Review Requests

Provides insight and engages current and potential customers.
A one star bump is worth 5% in increased revenue.


I have used Keymotive for our service reminders since I started at Purcell Tire almost 5 years ago.  Their holistic marketing program includes not only reminder cards, but a complete dashboard that shows us by store how well the cards and offers perform for our customer base. Unlike many marketing programs, it is easy to calculate the ROI of their service reminder and customer appreciation card programs. We have more than 62 stores, so a strong program and accountability is key. I have always received wonderful service from them as well- from their art department, to their IT group, all the way to their Director of Sales and Marketing. I can always get in touch with someone from their team if I have questions, and communication is excellent – always. I have never waited more than a couple hours for a response regarding a project or IT question. They are also very open to new ideas and are always providing added-value programs like holiday cards and e-mail campaigns to their services. I have never been told ‘no’, which has made us pretty spoiled. I highly recommend using Keymotive for any type of marketing need. We have never thought about looking at any other vendors for the services they provide so reliably to us year after year! Purcell  
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